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Mrs Ysursa Feb EOM

Mrs. Ysursa is always willing to help in any way she can, whether by subbing in a class, doing check-in/check-out with students, or seeing a need and stepping in without being asked. She is intentional about getting to know her students! Mrs. Ysursa, we appreciate all that you do.

- Mrs. Ysursas, February JAMS Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Leah Cain is excellent in and out of the classroom! She goes above and beyond for all of her students. She is the exact teacher I would want educating my kids and not only for the academic side but also to teach my kids about how to be kind and loving to all!

- Mrs. Cain, February CES Employee of the Month

Jen Pryor

CES October Employee of the Month, Mrs. Pryor. Mrs. Pryor is new to our staff team and has made an immediate impact. She shows up with a smile and enjoys every moment with the kids. We are beyond blessed to have her

Coach Watkins

JAMS October Employee of the Month, Ms. Watkins. Ms. Watkins is an educator that comes in daily and gives her all. She helps create a school culture that is positive and student-centered. Thank you for all your do for our students and school!

Mrs. Allen

JAMS September Employee of the Month, Mrs. Allen! She is being recognized for her hard work and pride in what she does. She always has a smile on her face and engages with students and colleagues. Thank you for all you do for our students and school!

Miss Frisby

CES September Employee of the Month, Miss Frisby! She is being recognized for her hard work. She is the definition of a team player and always will do what is right for her students and school. Thank you for your dedication!

We are Central 104

Mission Statement : Imagine, Inspire, Achieve

Imagine the possibilities, Inspire students that dreams can come true, and Achieve greatness.

Years at Central 104

Together we have a collective 439 years of teaching in the Central School District 104

Pre K Programs

Free Half Day Pre K am & pm options & Tuition Full Day Pre K

Class Sizes

We have an average of 17 students per class

Years of Experience

Our staff team has a collective 601 years of teaching experience