Central School District #104 with blue and gold stripes

At Central School District, we help students IMAGINE the impossible, INSPIRE them by setting the example, and then set them up for success to ACHIEVE greatness! Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Campbell did just this with their 5th grade student, Darrion. 

Darrion has a targeted behavior chart that Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Campbell put in place to help him be successful not only in the classroom, but also for his bright future. This chart shows three tasks within each of the following categories: Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. On Tuesday, Oct 2, Darrion landed himself with the number 3 rating in ALL three categories during all but one class period, which meant Mrs.Owens landed herself a partner on the basketball court! 

Darrion came into school on Wednesday, grinning from ear to ear knowing that Mrs. Owens was waiting for him in the gym with a basketball in her hand. The two spent the morning advisory period celebrating Darrion’s achievement! 

Darrion and Mrs.Owens after playing basketball together. 

So why did Mrs. Owens promise to play a game of basketball with Darrion when he reached these classroom expectations?  “When a kiddo earns a reward and they ask do have that reward in the morning, you better believe I’m playing in the work clothes! I didn't want to disappoint him after his hard work with the excuse of wearing boots and dress clothes. I’m hoping this will set the stage to making today positive where he strives to stay on track with another all 3’s day achievement!” - Mrs.Owens, 5th Grade Teacher


When you enter the 5th grade classroom, this decorated shelf sits behind Mrs.Owens' desk as an every day remind to herself and her students of what we do here at Central School District 104.

Thank you, Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Campbell for teaming up and helping Darrion Imagine, Inspire and achieve. You are what makes Central School District one of a kind!