bringing character to light with blue and gold puzzle pieces

Each month Central #104 school district has a different character trait that students focus on with the goal of helping students become strong leaders with great character. Throughout the month, staff members are on the lookout for students who are exhibiting positive character in our school. Students who have exhibited these traits throughout the month are recognized from each class at our end of the month Friday PBIS assembly.

September Character Trait of the Month: RESPECT 

  • Follow the Golden Rule: Treat other people the way you want to be treated.
  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Be accepting of differences
  • Be considerate of others
  • Use good manners 

At Central Elementary School one student is chosen from each class. Congratulations to the CES September Good Character Award winners! 

Kindergarten : David M (Mrs. Jakobitz), Aaliyah R (Mrs.Mueller), Ellyanna B (Miss Barnes)

1st Grade : Zion G (Mrs. Rodriguez), Milayah G (Mrs. Klitzing), Alexis D.(Miss Bicanic), Londyn P (Mrs. Garcia)

2nd Grade : Elliotte B (Mrs. Vollmer), Nahla J (Mrs. Murphy), Shaiden H (Ms. Yung)

3rd Grade: Dillon C. (Mrs. Isaacs), Jelani M. (Mrs. Carpenter), Gavan N. (Miss Wright). 

4th Grade : Jovanna R. (Ms. Cain), Ibrahim S (Ms. Bourland), Angelo T (Ms. Keim), James L (Mrs. Schindler)

In addition to students receiving awards recognizing their good character, Principal, Mr.Baker also chooses staff members who represent the character word of the month! Congratulations to the Star Award winners at CES! 

Pictured above: Mrs. Vollmer (2nd Grade), Ms. Cain (4th Grade), Mrs. Grady (Computers), Mrs. Tatum (PreK Aide), Ms. Yung (2nd Grade)

Last but not least, let's meet Stripes the tiger! Stripes is a very special tiger who is awarded to the class that Mr Baker see's representing the word of the month each and every day. This specific class has has s strong start to the school year working hard in class. They are respectful to their teacher and never interrupt her when Mr.Baker comes into the classroom. For these reasons, Mr. Baker has awarded Stripes the tiger a home in Mrs. Bicanic's classroom! Congratulations 1st grade, Mrs. Bicanic's class! 

Xavier C and Sohphia J pose with Stripes as they prepare to bring him to his new home, Mrs.Bicanic's classroom!

At Joseph Arthur Middle School one student is chosen from each grade level that represents the Character Trait of the month towards their teachers and peers. Congratulations to the JAMS September Student of the Month winners! 

5th Grade : Logan M, 6th Grade : Megan S, 7th Grade: Joslynn C, 8th Grade: Riley A. 

In addition to the SOM awards, band teacher, Mr.Dunlap, chooses one band student from both advanced and beginner band as the Musician of the Month. Madison M was chosen for her completion of musical requirements, punctuality, communication skills, behavior, instrumental practice commitment, and overall music performance. She is a great role-model for her peers. Katherine G was chosen for her determination, pleasant and positive demeanor, punctuality, behavior in class, music performance, and desire to learn. These attributes have contributed to a great start in her long musical journey.

Congratulations to advanced band member, Madison M (8th Grade), and beginning band member Katherine G (5th Grade)!