Mrs.Haynes' Pre K Class & The Tricky Gingerbread Man

As Mrs.Haynes' Pre-k started the Gingerbread theme, her class went on a hunt for the tricky little man. He left us clues to follow him throughout our school.  We followed his path to each room: the office, the nurse, the speech room, and the library. The last clue led us back to our classroom, where we finally caught up with that tasty cookie. Ah ha! The rest is history, for he was now our snack!!

Mrs.Haynes' Pre-k class will continue this week with some of the many adventures of the Gingerbread: pirate, baby, bear, girl, cowboy and ninja.  They are all our favorites!!!
Next week we will talk about Christmas around the world.
And finally, we will end our month by joining our other pre-k friends to put on a Christmas show and party on December 20th at 9:30a. All are welcome to attend!