1. Skyward Family Access Login and Password: If you are joining us new to Central School District please click on the link below to request a Skyward Family Access Login and Password. *Please note: you must have a valid e-mail address to register. If you do not have a home computer, there is one available in each school office to be used by appointment.   

    Skyward New Student Enrollment: Account Request            

  2. Once you have submitted your information, Skyward will e-mail you your new login, password and link for the enrollment portal. Sign in to the enrollment portal with your new login and password and begin the registration process(You must choose “Complete and move to next step” in order to get to the next step). Once you have finished you can review the application or choose to enroll another student with the button at the top right corner of the screen. 

  3. Residency: Once forms are submitted through the Skyward Family Access, parents still must prove residency. Please email forms of residency (one from each category listed below) to 

  4. State Health Requirements:  New students enrolling in an Illinois School for the first time require the following regardless of grade level: Physical Exam with up-to-date immunizations on an Illinois form (due within 30 days of enrollment to district) & Vision Exam by an Eye Dr. on an Illinois Eye exam form (due within 30 days of enrollment to district).Please review the Important Medical Documents on the left for more details.

  5. Fees: All parents are required to pay  a registration fee of $60 per student. 3rd-8th grade students are also required to pay a technology fee of $75 per student. Please reference the  schools fee document located in the registration documents on the left for more details.

  6. Student Transfer Records: You will complete the transfer of records form  during online registration within skyward.  We will request records from previous school to determine placement for the upcoming school year. 



    • Home ownership Title, Deed or Mortgage Statement

    • Current Lease Agreement **See Note

    • Current Real Estate Tax Bill


    • Current City Utility Bill (Water, Electric, & Cable) Cell Phone bill will not be accepted.

    • Current Homeowners Insurance Statement

    • Current Renters Insurance Statement

  • NOTE: If you have a "Rollover" Lease, your landlord must provide, on legal letterhead, a typed, signed letter confirming your residence for the 2022 - 2023 school year. Landlords should include their name and phone number.


Parents who have not completed the Online Registration or require an Affidavit or Waiver MUST contact the school office to schedule an appointment.

If you should have any questions, please call either school office.

CES Contact Ms.Clemon at or the office at 632-6336 ext.100 

JAMS Contact Mrs.Rongey at or the office at 632-6336 ext. 110