Black History Month

Teachers and Staff at Central School District 104 created special projects to celebrate African American culture this month! Check it out! 

Central Elementary School

3rd Grade (Isaacs, Wright, Carpenter) 

We celebrated Black History Month with our annual Wax Museum presentations and the students dressed up like a Famous African American and presented their biographies.

Miss Frisby's Music Class

This month we began by reading a story called "We Shall Overcome, the Story of a Song" by Debbie Levy. The story talks about the history of the civil rights song and how protest music can be used to uplift and unite people for a cause. 

Then we talked about Dr. Martin Luther King and his "I Have a Dream..." speech. We talked about what our dreams for the world would be. Each student completed a project where they wrote what their dreams would be and illustrated what that would look like. I have included some wonderful student examples.

We also learned about different influential African American musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Duke Ellington. 

It was truly a great month!

Joseph Arthur Middle School 

Mrs. Campbells 5th grade 

We read Henry's Freedom Box, A Chair for my Mother, If A Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks, and The Crayon Box that Talked.  We also researched important figures in black history and wrote paragraphs about the people

Mr. Scherle's 5th Grade Class

Each morning, during advisory, we are reading sections of the book Jackie's Nine and discussing the character traits that the book focuses on.  Students are working on a set of Google Slides to identify how the character traits show up in the short stories and how they can show that character trait in their own lives.

Mrs. Finlay's & Mrs. Owen's 6th Grade Class

We did Black History Month Interviews with people in our community. We also did a small clip each day about an African American who shaped our history

Mrs. Thaler's Class

We created and shared a Who Am I Trivia with the rest of the school! 

 Click here to check it out--> Who Am I Trivia

Miss Maag's Art Class

5th and 6th grade students  worked on a project after studying Bisa Butler, a modern day artist who creates amazing quilted portraits of people of color from history!